CREATIVE WRITING: Why I Need Google Glass

I was inspired to write this poem after our many discussions about the relationship between technology and humanity.  My reactions to Virtuous War (James Der Derian), Little Brother (Cory Doctorow), and Super Sad True Love Story (Gary Shteyngart) led to my questioning of how technology should be used in our lives currently and in the future as well.  I knew I wanted to write more about technology, so I thought about some of the recent developments such as the smartphone and tablet.  Then, I heard more about “Google Glass.”

Why I Need Google Glass

Ellen Scherer

My iphone 4S isn’t cutting it.

I’m on the straight and narrow to omission

from competition. I can’t handle that.

My pestilent age cannot defeat me.

So I really need them to stay relevant.

They’ll sit on the bridge of my nose, just there

like a fashion forward accessory.

I’ll be wearing the runway on my face!

Oh no, I’ll be able to see just fine

and I can use my glasses anywhere

without being rude or disrespectful.

No one will even know I have them on.

They’re only like 15 hundred dollars.

Cut-rate and constant, cheaper than college

I could use them to learn in an instant.

Here, I’ll demonstrate their efficiency:

“Google glass? Look up ‘autonomous car.’

Can you believe it? They’re developing

a real transformation revelation

vacant driver’s seats aimed at the highway.

Tired? Take a nap in your Volkswagon,

she’s got your back by using her radar,

lidar, GPS and computer eye

on site, depending on sensory aid.

You don’t need to do a thing, she’s got it.

How was I able to spew all that news?

Google glass, an apparatus, baby.

Musicians will empty their lyric banks.

Actors will read scripts on screen, in theatre.

I’ll rapidly master schools of studies,

filing in the world’s information

without lifting a solitary pen

from my collection of dried out ballpoints.

Soon, the trivial choices I must make

won’t be clouded by my questions and thoughts.

I’ll move forward with constant direction

in a stable frame labeled “progression.”


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