I was very passionate about this poem; much more than I expected to be. After our first discussion about virtuous war and violence in our society, I was reminded of what type of environment my generation and the ones that follow will be exposed to.  Violence is expected in virtual gaming. This is a known controversy and has been for at least the past ten years, but if I ever heard about the game I must not have given it much thought.  Now, there is barely a moment where I fail to detect a form of violence in society. I was unknowingly living in a culture that spawned such violence, I knew I had to write through my frustration with being a virtually informed American.



I’m gonna live till I die! I’m gonna laugh ‘stead of cry,

I’m gonna take the town and turn it upside down,

I’m gonna live, live, live until I die.

                                Frank Sinatra


The man was found in an alley behind Martin Luther King Drive.

Couldn’t have been more than 25 years young-Matthew Drafus

Concussed, with 6 stitches running across his previously coveted jaw line-

now a modern work of Frankenstein.

Only the monsters are still in hiding.

Hiding behind 8th period Global Studies and delusions of innocence,

fueling themselves with unleaded racism to avoid a damaged engine.

A league of boys trying to fill the size “macho” shoes of their absent fathers.

A league of boys rediscovering a tingle they once felt in their fingertips

in their knuckles and biceps.


A crew streaked with vengeance and hate, but mostly-

a resentment in which they will never fully understand.

Matching street corner hookers to new born mothers.

Separating their brain from their mind and their mind from their manners.

Adding chapters to a story they will never think to read.


The man was found in an alley behind Martin Luther King Drive.

He doesn’t want to show his face on My9 Jersey news for fear of round two.

Fear of being knocked through the curb with the backhand of a boxer’s glove.

The Everlast bag was pricey

but strangers are free.

The man was found in an alley behind Martin Luther King Drive.

Not to be undone, Quentin Caldwell of Syracuse, New York

actualized his personal call of duty.

sucker punching his English professor to the curb. 10 points.

Only the monsters are still in hiding.

Underground gamemakers

hide in a misogynist’s closet

held in by translucent curtain labeled “acceptable.”

leaking a poison of ferocity

through the imagination of brilliant children.

“Hopefully within the next couple of months

this is something you won’t hear anything about.”


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