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Please complete this survey to the best of your ability so we can help you reach your writing, performance and other creative goals.

Green Buffalo Productions strives to function as a pragmatic bridge between creators and the community of Buffalo, New York. We aim to inspire, uplift, and empower underrepresented voices in theater and performance art. Our three main objectives are: to foster the creation and production of original works of theater, to increase accessibility for local creators, particularly those with silenced voices, and to enrich and educate our community.


Can You Turn Your Hobby Into a Successful Business?

In a world of company-sponsored makeup tutorials, Instagram influencers and twitch streamers, generations Y and Z are proving they can thrive in the business world by doing just about anything!

Sounds great, right? If you are anything like me, your dream is to make millions by writing book reviews and poems, while guzzling down pots of strong coffee and belting out show tunes. (Oh… Just me? Ok.) Anyway, whatever your favorite hobbies might be, there may be a way to transform them into a source of income.  But before you take the leap, I suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can others benefit from your work?
  • Can you find a way to make a profit?
  • What sets you apart?

You’re going to have to think about how other people can utilize your hobby as a product or service. Let’s say you want to start a business based on your crochet hobby. Will you produce a product that other people can buy? If so, what kind of products will you make?  How much will you charge for these products, and what makes them different from other products you’ve seen in the past? Why is this so complicated all of a sudden?!

Multitasking WomanEasy as it may seem from the outside, the decision to start making money doing what love can be a big risk. Within each of the three major questions above, there are hundreds of follow up and related questions.  You have to think about your decision to monetize your hobby as an investment in yourself. You have to be willing to put in the work and remain dedicated to your goals. You have to be flexible because there will be several unanticipated issues that you will need to solve. My suggestion? Do a lot of research and ask for help. Other people have been where you are right now and are willing to help you succeed.

Here some great resources to get you started. Good Luck!

Earth Hour is This Saturday!

This Saturday at 8:30pm, your community will go dark.  Don’t panic!  This effort is known as Earth Hour and contributes to a larger initiative by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to take responsibility for the sustainability of Earth’s future.

Who Participates in Earth Hour?

Millions of people across the world take part in Earth Hour.  Various community and business leaders, politicians, and individual citizens all do their part to reduce carbon emissions and conserve resources.  Year after year, entire cities on every continent stand in darkness. It’s an amazing sight!


The Short History of Earth Hour

Earth Hour started in Sydney, Australia, when 2.2 million homes and businesses agreed to turn off their lights for a full hour.  This was in 2007.  The very next year, Earth Hour spread to 50 million across 35 countries.  In March 2009, hundreds of millions of people took part in the third Earth Hour.

Last year, an unprecedented 187 countries and territories switched off their lights.

Visit  #Connect2Earth to read some of these participants stories

How to Participate in Earth Hour

  • Turn off your lights on this Saturday, March 24th at 8:30pm
  • Remind your friends and family to switch off their non-essential lights and all other unnecessary electrical appliances during Earth Hour

How to Go Above and Beyond

  • Only print and make use of paper when necessary and use both sides when possible
  • Ditch the disposables! Utilize reusable lunch-boxes and water bottles
  • Remember to turn off the lights and air-conditioners when leaving the office
  • Switch to LED lights at home
  • Say NO to paper and plastic and use reusable bags whenever possible
  • Walk or cycle to places and take public transportations
  • Choose to consume sustainably-sourced products and purchase only what you need in order to minimize food waste
  • Select products with organic and/or biodegradable packaging
  • Donate non-perishable items and/or items you no longer use instead of throwing them away
  • Find your local WWF representative and share your concerns and ideas for the future

Yeh Shen’s Lament


My knees crack as I kneel before my mother, father, and their tomb guardian. I must make haste.

The mingqi accompany brittle bones in the name of balance.  As I feel my body bow, they remind

me of my solitude. We will all be erased.


The woman taps her feet as I navigate the stone path. She’s stolen your house. Believes she’s replaced

you. For many years, I found companionship in a fish with large golden eyes.  He was enchantingly kind

and spoke to me as plucked napa leaves.  One morning I awoke in haste—


I heard his crimson fins beating wildly against the edges of his shallow pool. I clutched my waist.

There was no time.  The house-thief was standing over him, dagger drawn. The metal cursed and whined

as this monster woman thrust it through my old friend’s heart. She forced him to become erased.


She did not openly gloat but she knew I had witnessed her crime. Her supper complete with his taste.

I am hollow.  I would take to my heels if this wasn’t my home. How could a single person be so unkind?  

There is pure contempt between us. I work in silence and careless haste.


What could you do for me now, old friend?  What good was the patience you embraced?

Will you join the mingqi protectors in the gardens or leave me behind?

I’m afraid my memories of you are almost erased.


Dear Yeh-Shen, ponder no more. Wandering minds are a waste.

In death, as in life, I will serve as your protector. Just do as I say. Find

my bones and whisper your greatest desires. Quick! Make haste.

Before the chance for your freedom is forever erased.